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Personal Development Mastery

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Welcome to the Personal Development Mastery podcast.

I am Agi Keramidas and my mission is to inspire you to rise up, grow, stand out, and move towards the next level of your life & the best version of yourself!

Mar 16, 2020

Chuck Hogan is one of Tony Robbins' senior trainers. He is a certified neuro-strategist, helping people live their best life. He is a very spiritual and inspirational person, a highly competitive athlete, and an awesome dancer!


Listen to this episode to learn:

  • How we can cultivate the art of fulfilment
  • What an attitude of gratitude can do for us
  • Why is important to thrive in our lives, rather than surviving
  • How can we map our emotions, and why is it important
  • How we can cultivate our self-love





"We will settle for success, because the truth is we haven't exercised the art of fulfilment. Many people are afraid to paint the picture of their life, because in their minds they have this blueprint, they have this 'personification' of what that should look like. And they don't realise that the first stroke, the first sketch, the first line, it's just a beginning…"

-Chuck Hogan