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Personal Development Mastery

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Welcome to the Personal Development Mastery podcast.

I am Agi Keramidas and my mission is to inspire you to rise up, grow, stand out, and move towards the next level of your life & the best version of yourself!

Feb 29, 2024

If you are someone who is on a journey of personal growth, but most people around you prefer to settle, then today's episode is for you.


During the interviews I did last year, I asked some of my guests a question that was put to me by one of the listeners, Alice. In today's episode you can hear 5 of the previous podcast guests answer that question.


Their answers were not published in the respective episodes, so this is the very first time they are being shared!


And the question was: What would you say to someone who wants to grow, but most of the people around them (their peers) have quite a fixed mindset, preferring to settle rather than grow?



The five answers come from:

0:01:21 - Allyson Chavez (episode #276)

0:02:15 - Gul Sonmez (episode #294)

0:03:20 - Joe Moffett (episode #264)

0:04:53 - Lucia Montantaro (episode #252)

0:06:01 - Scott Anderson (episode #248)



I am Agi Keramidas, a podcaster, knowledge broker, and mentor. My mission is to inspire you to take action towards a purposeful and fulfilling life.

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In the podcast episode, 5 guests explore the theme of personal growth and its impact on relationships with loved ones who may not be on the same journey. They emphasise the importance of honouring one's own path to self-improvement while allowing others to progress at their own pace, without judgement or pressure. By embodying positive change and happiness, one can inadvertently inspire those around them to seek their own growth.


The guests offer practical advice, such as creating a supportive environment, whether through moving away from negativity or surrounding oneself with inspiring literature and like-minded individuals, to reinforce personal development. Additionally, they highlight the significance of choosing who to spend time with carefully and protecting one's mindset from the limitations others may try to impose, thereby ensuring one's growth and resilience remain unhampered by external influences.