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Personal Development Mastery

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Welcome to the Personal Development Mastery podcast.

I am Agi Keramidas and my mission is to inspire you to rise up, grow, stand out, and move towards the next level of your life & the best version of yourself!

Apr 22, 2024

"How can we access and harness the untapped powers of the human spirit and subconscious for transformative personal growth?"


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Have you ever wondered if unlocking the full potential of your subconscious could lead to superhuman abilities and profound spiritual insights? Discover Nate Zeleznik's groundbreaking journey through the depths of consciousness and martial arts mastery that promises to transform your understanding of what it means to be human.


Join us on an enlightening journey with Nate Zeleznik, master trainer and founder of the Integrated Ascension Method. Nate shares his personal transformation from a challenging childhood to becoming a leader in human potential and spirituality. His out-of-body experiences provided not only an escape from daily struggles, but also a window into the vast capabilities of the human mind.


Listen as we unravel the power of the subconscious mind and its astonishing processing capabilities. We discuss how tapping into our deeper consciousness can enhance our perception and experience of the world, and introduce the Integrated Ascension Method - a fusion of martial arts and energy development. Nate brings the ancient Merpati Putih technique to the forefront, emphasising the importance of an open mind and continuous learning on our path to personal growth.


Finally, we delve into the vital role of breathwork in healing and performance. We explore the benefits of improving breath efficiency, including the unique Merpati Putih breathwork, which focuses on breath holding and specific body positions to achieve deep meditation and well-being. This discussion is a powerful reminder to cherish the present moment and embrace the beauty of mindfulness in our daily lives.


Discover the profound insights and life-altering techniques shared by Nate Zeleznik as he reveals the transformative power of the Integrated Ascension Method by listening to this episode now!



02:01 - Exploring Human Potential and Spirituality

07:18 - Exploring Human Psychic Abilities 

13:28 - Unlocking Dormant Abilities Through Integration

14:31 - Exploring Spirituality and Personal Growth 

23:06 - Integrated Ascension Method for Psychic Development 

28:01 - Breathwork for Healing and Performance

31:51 - Merpati Putih Breathwork for Maximum Performance 

37:19 - DMT Breathing and Perfect Breath Exercise



"Believe in yourself more. Be kinder to yourself. You're here to learn - you're not here to be like anybody else."



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