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Personal Development Mastery

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Welcome to the Personal Development Mastery podcast.

I am Agi Keramidas and my mission is to inspire you to rise up, grow, stand out, and move towards the next level of your life & the best version of yourself!

Sep 12, 2022

A short reflection on the last two months of the podcast, the period during which it had one episode a week. An announcement for the next iteration of the podcast, and the upcoming milestone episode #250. That’s a quarter of the way to episode #1000!


𝗞𝗲𝘆 𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗲𝗮𝘄𝗮𝘆𝘀:⁣


Jul 7, 2022

A brief episode with an important announcement:


Starting next week, the podcast will have only one episode every Monday.

In other words, for the next few weeks there won't be any episodes on Thursdays.


I share with you the 3 reasons behind my decision.


I also clarify some questions I received from you about...

Jun 30, 2022

A different, solo episode where I get to do a combination of 3 different things:


  1. Share my reflections and insights regarding the 3 most recent podcast interviews. 
  2. Discuss two questions that I was asked by you, the listeners
  3. A heads up about a rather significant, temporary change in the podcast’s schedule.


Jun 16, 2022

This episode is very unique; it is my personal message to you who are listening to this podcast. It is a message from the heart that I felt I wanted to share with you.

One more thing: have you noticed that the podcast has new cover art? The new logo really embodies the idea of the podcast and the concept of...

May 5, 2022

In today's episode, I share with you a special solo recording where I talk about the foundation of personal development: growth mindset. This recording is actually a part of an online course I've created, called the “Essential Personal Development Blueprint.” 


You will find the whole course plus more exclusive...