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Personal Development Mastery

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Welcome to the Personal Development Mastery podcast.

I am Agi Keramidas and my mission is to inspire you to rise up, grow, stand out, and move towards the next level of your life & the best version of yourself!

Oct 22, 2020

Stephen Doran is a peak performance coach with a background in competitive sports and psychology. Early in his career he was a London firefighter for 7 years - during that time he also started and operated several businesses, and built a property portfolio. He is the author of the #1 bestselling book 'Burn the Bullsh!t', an international speaker, and an NLP trainer. He has been recognised for his work within the community and his charitable work, and his mission is to help as many people as he can to unlock their potential and be happy. 


Key takeaways:

 • The philosophy and the reality of happiness

 • Traits of entrepreneurial mindset

 • Rejoicing in other people's success and being moved by their failure

 • Mind over mattress: the correlation between our sleep and success

 • How you do one thing is how you do anything


Memorable quote:

"Don't worry. Just enjoy it all. There's no rerun."

- Stephen Doran


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About the host:

I am Agi Keramidas, a knowledge broker and a zealous podcaster (among other traits). I am a firm believer in the power of self-education and personal development in radically improving one's life.


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